Meghan Gilmore has joined the Lindyworks teaching team in place of Nina Gilkenson, who has withdrawn for personal reasons.

Your 2017 instructors are:

Meghan Gilmore

Meghan is a pan-Canadian lindy hopper who has been nurturing her passion for swing since 2003. Before arriving in Montreal in 2010, she spent many years in small and growing swing communities. She has been teaching weekly classes in Canada for almost 10 years, at places such as Cat’s Corner in Montreal, and is currently based in France.  While she has seen different trends and influences come and go, she believes that the Big Band swing that Frankie and friends swung out to at the Savoy never goes out of style. Meghan loves social dancing and teaching, both at Cat’s Corner and wherever her travels take her, including South Africa, Mozambique and Sweden. In her weekly classes she puts an emphasis on rhythm, care for your partner, and good old fashioned fun! Whether as a DJ, MC or teacher, Meghan keeps the energy in the room high and enjoyment accessible for everyone.

Michael Faltesek

Mike "Falty" Faltesek

Described as “embodying jazz”, Falty’s main objective is to spread the love of good old fashioned, American born, swing music and dancing to as many people as he possibly can.  He travels the world, teaching and performing swing and tap dancing as well as leading and accompanying some of the world’s swingingest musicians.

Falty is the band leader of Falty & the Defects; has been mentioned in The New York Times for his ‘ingenious choreography’; is a member of the Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame; choreographed the widely performed “Australia Routine”; conceived the famous jazz line dance, “Doin’ the Jive”; is a main judge at the International Lindy Hop Championships; and is an adjunct professor at the University of Washington.


Lucy Falkner

Lucy discovered Lindy Hop in 1999 and has since travelled extensively to dance, train, and teach.  She has taken up numerous other dances, all more or less in service of her first love: Lindy Hop.  The rhythmic and cultural roots of vernacular jazz dances of the Swing Era are a priority for Lucy in her teaching, dancing, and research.  She aims to connect today’s dancers with the histories and experiences of the black American musicians and dancers who created and fostered the music and dances of this time.  African dances, Tap, and related jazz movement are great foundations to bring into vintage jazz dances (including Lindy Hop, the original partnered swing dance) of today.

Lucy has taught Charleston, Vintage Jazz, Lindy Hop, and Blues across Canada and the Pacific Northwest, and at the world-famous Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden.  Her teaching approach is to encourage dancers to get a feel for the music, to move in a way that is comfortable and authentic to each person, and to keep it simple.  Lindy Hop is joyful!

Leo Newman

Léo Newman

“It’s not the destination: it’s the journey.”

Léo started dancing over a decade ago and has been unstoppably enthusiastic ever since. In Vancouver, he was a founding member of the performance group Hot Koko and one of the main instructors at Rhythm City Productions. Traveling for workshops, dance events, and jazz festivals, Léo is a zealous advocate for the lessons that can only be taught through active social dancing. He recently had the honour of teaching at the world-renowned Herräng Dance Camp.

A keen competitor from the start, he has won or placed in numerous competitions from Lindy Bout in Vancouver to Harlem in Lithuania.