Track and Solo Class Descriptions

There are two tracks of Lindy Hop classes being offered at Lindyworks: Lindy Hop Friends & Lindy Hop BFFs.

Only BFF registrants will be required to attend the placement session to be held on Saturday morning prior to the start of classes.  If you attended in 2016, the 2017 process will be different (more on this below). The instructors will be tailoring material to the students in each track.  For that reason, it is helpful to (in as much as possible) have dancers of similar skill sets in the same classes.  The delineation is relative (it depends on who else is registered) and is subjective.  We are confident, however, that the teachers have the experience necessary to make sound assessments.

That said, here are some guidelines for selecting a track at registration:

Lindy Hop Friends

Lindy Hop is a close friend of yours. You are probably taking progressive Lindy Hop classes and you go social dancing regularly. You are comfortable with basic 6 and 8 count Lindy Hop moves including the swing out, tuck turn, Lindy circle, and side by side Charleston. You’re looking for something to work on in your dancing and you’d like to expand your repertoire of moves and stylings.

Lindy Hop BFFs (with mandatory placement session)

Lindy hop is your forever friend. You’ve taken classes and workshops and have probably travelled to other scenes to expand your dancing prowess. Faster tempos on the dance floor are exciting to dance to, you are comfortable mixing 6-count and 8-count moves, and “mistakes” morph into new moves and variations. You’re ready to work hard, challenge yourself, and be inspired.

Mandatory Placement Session

If you register for the BFF level of classes, you must attend a placement session at 11 a.m. on the Saturday of the workshop. The session will be run as a class and taught by Lucy and Falty. It will challenge and inspire your dancing prowess. Other instructors will watch the class and help place attendees into the appropriate level. Keep in mind that the track placement is an evaluation relative to the other dancers in the room, not against a predetermined criteria of dancing ability.

Solo Classes

Each day will start with a 70 min. open level solo class. Expect to work on your movement, learn some new steps, and be inspired to get down and jazz! Instructors will assume that you know basic jazz moves (suzy Q, fall off the log etc.) and are familiar with at least the Shim Sham.

These classes are included with the full weekend pass but will be available a la carte, subject to spot availability.


Social Solo Jammin’ with Lucy & Meghan (Friday night workshop add-on)

Join us for a 70 min. vernacular jazz class with the ladies of Lindyworks! Solo jazz does not need to be lonely jazz. We’ll learn to play, collaborate, borrow ideas, and shine with friends. This is not a beginner class. So please be familiar with basic solo vernacular jazz moves such as the ones in the Shim Sham (e.g. tacky annie, shorty george, pushes, shim sham, half breaks etc.).

This class is an add-on to the regular workshop.  It’s available to all but discounted for both early registration and full workshop participants.  See the registration page for details on pricing.